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Our company is driven by the idea of mythologizing the experience of our senses; creating performances and visual art that challenge the viewer's perception of time and perspective as well as allowing our work's intention to be spacious enough for empathetic experiences to emerge. Our work realizes and exists in the state of liminality- the sense of being 'in-between'. By working across different disciplines, we filter our sensual experiences into the mediums that best embodies a facet of the myth our overall concept is based on.

The Premier of "BeginAgain" Is in Only Three Weeks!

No Ideas But in Things: blog

 No one to witness or adjust, no one to drive the car. The project includes a curated blog that organizes and analyzes documentation of the developmental process in consultation with the artists, which informs a series of contextual events during the process and, potentially, following the debut of the work in 2014.

The Premier of "BeginAgain" Is in Only Three Weeks!

Jeremy M. Barker

New York has been hell this winter. By most accounts it's the seventh snowiest year on record, with somewhere around sixty inches of snow having fallen on the city. It doesn't feel much like spring is coming, but it certainly is. It's already March and that means spring will not only arrive—in its official capacity, at least—on the twentieth, but the premiere of BeginAgain will follow a week later. Which means I have a lot to do between now and then.

I've been inspired in terms of trying to expand the way in which I'm documenting the show by a fantastic book called Invisible Things. Published by the UK theater company Fevered Sleep, it's a post-facto document of the process of devising their 2008 installation/performance An Infinite Line: Brighton. As far as books go, it's a beautiful object that, through multiple types of pages attempts to achieve the non-linear intersecting effect I've written about here. Unfortunately, it appears I bought the last copy, but I'm more than happy to share with those interested.

Whatever the case, I'm working on a series of posts which will collect various forms of documentation about each of the four No One to Witness or Adjust chamber studies, including video, photography, production notes, and interviews with the creators, which will lay the groundwork for tracking how zoe|juniper grappled with various ideas and conceptual approaches that ultimately will result in the show that goes up starting March 27 at On the Boards.