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1414 East Denny Way #5
Seattle, WA, 98122


Our company is driven by the idea of mythologizing the experience of our senses; creating performances and visual art that challenge the viewer's perception of time and perspective as well as allowing our work's intention to be spacious enough for empathetic experiences to emerge. Our work realizes and exists in the state of liminality- the sense of being 'in-between'. By working across different disciplines, we filter our sensual experiences into the mediums that best embodies a facet of the myth our overall concept is based on.

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August 2018 FORM/S

FORM/S is a bi-annual creative workshop in Seattle, WA produced by zoe | juniper that brings together Pacific Northwest, national, and international artists to teach working professionals and pre-professionals in the visual and performing arts. FORM/S aims to expand an artist’s capabilities by both deepening an understanding of their primary form and exploring mediums outside of their fields of work. By curating a faculty and educational experience that challenges ideas, FORM/S stimulates the mind, broadens perspectives, and creates connections.

August Workshop at BASE

FORM/S: Technique and Performance

For our inaugural workshop, FORM/S presents choreographer, dancer, and co-artistic director of zoe | juniper Zoe Scofield. The workshop will begin with morning technique class followed by a creative processes class that culminates in a public and FREE informal showing of a new creation made in collaboration with Scofield.


August 13th - 16th
+ a public showing from 2:45pm-3:45pm on August 16th


BASE Arts Center

Class Descriptions:

Technique as a Vehicle for Transmission:
(drop ins available)

10:00am - 12:00pm

Zoe’s classes utilize a somatic approach to technique as she is interested in examining formal training as a platform that she and her students can dismantle and reconsider how it should be approached. Her classes are physically rigorous, deep, and kinesthetically challenging; this is a space where product orientated results takes rest and active experience reigns. Musicality and physical metaphors in both improvisation and structured forms are used as a vehicle to surprise and further each dancer’s potential fostering a body that is available, aware, and in command of its senses, intuition, and physicality.

Interdisciplinary Repertory:
(available to full workshop participants)

12:30pm - 2:30pm

Using Zoe’s movement and other visual art forms (ie. drawing, lighting, video, and sound design) the dancers will be lead through structured improvisation to experiment with shaping the material, choreography, making choices in response to the space, elements and each other. This class will meld together the information from the explored forms in a performance at BASE that is free and open to the public.

Showing: 8/6 from 2:45pm-3:45pm at BASE - FREE ADMISSION!

Lunchtime Conversations:
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Join us for curated conversations about process and structuring your continual training/growth/development/learning throughout an artist’s career with local choreographers during lunch.


Single Admission: $275

Double Admission (sign up with a friend): $450 or $225 each

$50 to hold your spot and full payment due July 27th

Technique Class Drop In (10am-12pm each day):

$15 for 1 (at the door)

$25 for 2 (rate available by presale)

$37 for 3 (rate available by presale)

$45 for 4 (rate available by presale)

For questions about FORM/S email