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1414 East Denny Way #5
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Our company is driven by the idea of mythologizing the experience of our senses; creating performances and visual art that challenge the viewer's perception of time and perspective as well as allowing our work's intention to be spacious enough for empathetic experiences to emerge. Our work realizes and exists in the state of liminality- the sense of being 'in-between'. By working across different disciplines, we filter our sensual experiences into the mediums that best embodies a facet of the myth our overall concept is based on.




 FORM/S is a bi-annual creative workshop in Seattle, WA produced by zoe | juniper that brings together Pacific Northwest, national, and international artists to teach working professionals and pre-professionals in the visual and performing arts. FORM/S aims to expand an artists' capabilities by both deepening an understanding of their primary form and exploring mediums outside of their fields of work through an emergent curriculum. Serving as a forum for artists to share resources as they examine their own processes, FORM/S stimulates the mind, broadens perspectives, and creates connections.

January 7-10th @ Base: Experimental Arts+ Space

zoe | juniper is setting a work on Seattle’s Whim W’Him.

Check out 3x3 this January!


zoe | juniper is the inaugural Kawasaki Guest Artist at UW!

The University of Washington Department of Dance presents its annual Faculty Dance Concert, featuring Hey Girl, a collaborative new piece for 20 student dancers created by zoe | juniper as part of the inaugural Kawasaki Guest Artist initiative.

January 25th-27th at 7:30pm and January 28th at 2:00pm
Meany Studio Theater

Ticket info:

Zoe Scofield; photo by Juniper Shuey

Zoe Scofield; photo by Juniper Shuey

Engaging Dance Audiences in Alabama

Zoe Scofield is participating as a guest artist in the Engaging Dance Audiences project, organized by the Alabama Dance Council (ADC). The ADC is participating in Alabama’s Bicentennial by honoring and celebrating the different cultural perspectives that are a part of our history and that make up our current population today: Native American, White European, African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Asian. The Engaging Audiences project combines the engagement practices of local and guest artists to explore the full richness of cultural perspectives through dance, to delve into personal histories and identities, connected by the themes of migration, dislocation, and immigration. As part of this, Zoe will teach classes, participate in forums and community gatherings, joined by one of zoe | juniper's performance collaborators Troy Ogilvie. This is one more step in fulfilling zoe | juniper's mission as a non-profit: "To provide a foundation for making artwork with strong visual and physical aesthetics. This art will engage the communities' senses with physical and visual elements that are filtered through a lens of subtle and provocative uses of dance, visual art and installation. The corporation will strive to engage communities locally, nationally, and internationally with its use of subverted classical form, aesthetic clarity and heightened sense of reality. The corporation will reach out to these communities to provide education of the creative process."

Clear & SweeT

Clear & Sweet is a powerful and visual stunning search for redemption. The uniquely American folk tradition of Shape Note Singing is incorporated live into this physically demanding new work. Singers join the dancers and vice versa in a fascinating world of constantly shifting perspectives. 


Your sparkling eyes - 2017

We are delighted to announce the vinyl and digital release of 'Your Sparkling Eyes: The Music From Clear & Sweet.'  The recording clocks in at just over 50 minutes and was tracked at On The Boards in Seattle, WA.  'Your Sparkling Eyes' features the sacred harp tunes from Clear & Sweet as well as compositions by Evan Anderson. Pre-order the vinyl here.

Clear & Sweet.  On The Boards 2016. Photo: Juniper Shuey

Clear & Sweet. On The Boards 2016. Photo: Juniper Shuey