There ain't no easy way out

Zoe Scofield’s “there ain’t no easy way out” reveals how seamless and exquisite such collaboration can be. The opening image, crafted by Seattle-based video installation artist Juniper Shuey, is so spooky and entrancing it would be a shame to spoil it. It simply must be seen. These first moments promise an innovative artistic feast, and that promise is kept through the final curtain.
— Brangien Davis - Seattle Times

Premiered at On the Boards 2006

Choreography, concept and direction: Zoe Scofield

Visual/Video Design, concept, and Assistant Director: Juniper Shuey

Music Composition: Morgan Henderson

Dancers: Christiana Axelsen, Ezra Dickinsen,  Julie Learned, Kate Monthy, Zoe Scofield, and Shawn Landis

Costumes: Chrissy Wai-Ching

Lighting Design: Jessica Trundy

Musicians: Morgan Henderson: double bass, clarinet, piano, samples, and recording, Seth Warren: violin, Casey Foubert: drums

Running Time: 55 minutes

Presented in 2006-2007 by: On the Boards, Jacob's Pillow Inside/Out, SCUBA Tour: The Southern Theatre, ODC Theatre, and Velocity Dance Center, Bumbershoot, MOVE! Performance, and Smoke Farm


photo by Juniper Shuey -2006

photo by Juniper Shuey -2006

there ain't no easy way out premiered at On the Boards February 16-18, 2006 as part of their Northwest New Artist Series.  This 45-50-minute piece combined an austere visual aesthetic with modern movement and balletic precision.  This fierce work, performed by five dancers, explores the human impulse to create and destroy, and the ever-present reality of death in the midst of life.  A driven, percussive score by Morgan Henderson and a stark visual landscape by Juniper Shuey complete this unique vision.   After its premiere, the piece was technically adapted to tour and retitled as Find your own way outFind your own way out has been shown at Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out Stage, Bumbershoot Festival, MOVE! Performance Series, and the Secret of Gold Festival.  It was chosen as part of SCUBA’s 2007 touring project and was performed at The Southern Theater in Minneapolis, ODC Theater in San Francisco, and Velocity Dance Center in Seattle.