Teaching and Outreach

zoe | juniper offers residencies, master classes and workshops to engage dancers and visual artists through shared exploration of their unique creative process


 Daily Class

zoe | juniper classes utilize a somatic approach to technique. Classes are physically rigorous, deep, and kinesthetically challenging; a space where product orientated results takes rest and active experience reigns. We combine musicality, visual and physical metaphors in both improvisation and structured forms as a vehicle to surprise and further each dancers potential.  As teachers, it is our desire to help students foster a body that is available, aware and in command of its’ senses, intuition and physicality.



Rather than a straight setting of work, this class will work together on the recreation of the z|j’s creative process in a specific work. By analyzing the choreographic, visual and music/sound notes used by Zoe and Juniper; the class allows each dancer to have a new, clear and personal experience in the work.  Students discover the emotional, and physical experiences of the work in its entirety and gain a more profound level of ownership in the creative process.

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Lecture/ Demonstration

Zoe and Juniper deliver an engaging lecture / demonstration on the various themes, process, research and their collaboration as it relates to the work they are presenting or the body of their work as a whole.


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Choreographing with the camera, Cinematic Choreography and Projections as choreographic staging: (can be individual or combined)


Choreographing with the camera: using the camera as a tool to create performance choreography and choreographing inside of the camera.

Choreographing in the camera: creating movement in a static medium. In creating movement for a static medium the class will look at translating our inherent moving bodies and understanding into the static and distilled medium of the camera.

Projection as choreographic staging:  This workshop focuses on projection techniques, materials and video content created for the express purpose of shaping and manipulating a stage or gallery setting.

What we Talk About When we Talk About . . .(WWT@WWT@)
Dual perspective criticism and critical dialogue among artists:

WWT@WWT@ is an interdisciplinary conversation about creative process. It is an opportunity for artists of different disciplines to share their current creative thinking, and to bring their unique lenses to experiencing and talking about each other’s work.   Inspired by the recognition that choreographers/dancers rarely receive feedback for their work in the middle of a process, this workshop invites all in attendance to experience the project throughout its process rather than the final output. The format of ‘sharing’ is left open to the artist and may be performative, visual, spoken, a film, a recording . . . or any combination of approaches.


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