Old Girl

Scofield is never short of ideas. Her embrace of and resistance to classical ballet technique gives her works an inherent conflict: it’s as if you’re watching a dance troupe composed of Calibans—a horde of rough demons taught to behave, who may be about to turn on you.
— By MvB at seattlest.com

Premiered at Spectrum Dance Theatre in 2008 and at On the Boards in 2009
Concept and direction: Zoe Scofield, Holcombe Waller with Juniper Shuey
Choreography by: Zoe Scofield
Music: Holcombe Waller
Performers: Jim Kent, Zoe Scofield, Shannon Stewart and Kelly Sullivan
Lighting Design: Jessica Trundy
Costume Design: Erik Andor
Costume Construction: Erik Andor and Teresa Nye

Old girl was originally commissioned and performed by Spectrum Dance Theater October 2008 and performed in On the Boards Northwest New Works Festival 2009.  Old girl was funded by Spectrum Dance Theater, Artist Trust Fellowship GAP Grant, and On the Boards.