No one to witness and adjust: Chamber Studies

Performed at Velocity Dance Center, Frye Art Museum, City Arts Festival, gloATL: TanzFarm
Concept, design and direction: Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey
Choreography: Zoe Scofield
Video: Juniper Shuey
Music: Morgan Henderson and various artists
Sound Design: Matt Starritt
Lighting Design: Robert Aguilar and Juniper Shuey
Costumes: Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey
Performers: Christiana Axelsen, Kimberly Lusk, Brittani Karhoff, Erin McCarthy, Eloise DeLuca, Allison Sale, Randall Smith, Kate Wallich, Zoe Scofield, and gloATL dancers

No one to witness and adjust was built as a series of chamber studies to research and develop BeginAgain.  The studies were supported through several creative residencies at Velocity Dance Center, gloATL: TanzFarm, Frye Art Museum and On the Boards. Jeremy Barker, independent critic and dance writer joined the studies as an embedded critic documenting the process through an online blog No ideas but in things.  


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No one to Witness study #4 - Velocity Dance Center

In process performance as part of our yearlong Artist in Residence at Velocity Dance Center where the audience watched the performance from a specific pattern lying on the floor as the dancers performed above and around them. Twenty 30 minute performances over two days for 10 audience members at a time were used as research to further develop the final version of the study. 

No one to witness - Study #3 For Forgetting

Commissioned and performed by gloATL TanzFarm 


No one to witness- Study #2 Frye Art Museum

Seven day accumulating installation and performance, created, fabricated, and rehearsed during museum hours. Museum visitors watched the rehearsal, filming, teaching, and building process that culminated in a final day of performances and video and sculpture installation left in the space. 


No one to witness - Study #1 City Arts Festival

Commissioned by City Arts Festival, created and performed in a private home.